How to use VIKI Translator for English-Vietnamese translation online

There are a wide range of translation apps on mobile and extensions on browser as well, which give you more choices of your most suitable and qualified tool. VIKI Translator is a translation tool to translate English into Vietnamese and vice versa. It is supported in many platforms such as installation software, Chrome’s extensions, Android app and directly translating at VIKI Translator’s Homepage like Google Translate. Thus, users can easily use VIKI Translator on different devices. The following guidance will help you figure out how VIKI Translator works and what you can do with it.

The instruction of using VIKI Translator online.

Step 1:

Go to the link below to open VIKI Translator's Homepage.

Step 2:

At the main window, choose translation type (English - Vietnamese or Vietnamese – English) by clicking the switch arrow icon as the picture below.

English-Vietnamese translation online

Step 3:

Next, enter text (source text) in the left box. The target text will immediately be showed in the right box so that you can follow and check.

Step 4:

VIKI Translator supports for looking up a single word by double-clicking on that word. Simultaneously, relevant examples are attached to it. By clicking the sound icon, you can listen to the pronunciation of the whole source text or a single word.

English-Vietnamese translation online

Step 5:

VIKI Translator also provides advanced translation tool.

Users go to the link below to open advanced translation web page.

Click switch button on VIKI Translator to choose the translation type.

Then, enter the source text in the left frame, click “Translate” and wait for the translation in the right one.

When using this feature on VIKI Translator, the format of target text will be kept as same as the one of the source text. Or else, you can create parallel the format for the source text by yourselves and for the target text at the same time by using VIKI Translator’s tools.

English-Vietnamese translation online

Step 6:

The advanced translation tool by VIKI Translator also supports for translating word by word by double-clicking on the word you need to look up. The dictionary displays in the left panel of the main interface.

Step 7:

To save the target text on VIKI Translator, click "Save" icon.

Name the file to download to the computer.

The file is saved as .doc file. If you want to save as .docx file, you will use the available settings on MS. Word or an online converter to convert .doc file to .docx file.

VIKI Translator supports two web pages of basic translation and advanced translation for the users, you can copy the text from websites or the Word file to translate without change the formats; or you can create the formats yourselves and download it to your computer.

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